mahindra 585 Di Tractor price mileage full specification

mahindra 585 Di Tractor price mileage full specification

Mahindra 585 Di Tractor Tractor Road price

  • Ex Show Room price of  mahindra 585 Di Tractor is Rs 6,00,000 the price of the tractors is differrent in different states
  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor price  in Karnataka :RS 6,00,000 Ex -showroom
  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor price in Maharashtra.:RS 6,00,000 Ex -showroom
  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor price in Gujarat.: RS 6,05,000 Ex -showroom
  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor tractor price in UP : RS 6,05,000 Ex -showroom
  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor tractor price in Haryana : RS 6,05,000 Ex -showroom

Mahindra 585 Di Tractoris 31 to 49 hp compact tractors with solid style look  and it have solid performance and with good efficiency that make it has 50 horse power engine

Mahindra 585 Di Tractor the most ideal tractors for small landholders and slo have inter culture operation

Mahindra 585 Di Tractor  specially designed for use in crops, soyabeen, cotton, Maze, sugarcane and orchards like Grapes, Mango, oranges, and more for farmers purpose

It also have unique compact design tractor and adjustable rear track width that makes it ideal for operating in between two crops as well as in orchards for a variety of inter culture applications

the mahindra 585 Di Tractoris light weight tractors designed espcially for applicatin in paddy fields 585 Di Tractor advanced di engine gives unmatched power in all soils land and aslo have better mileage. it is best tractor in india equipped with the revolutionary position auto control technology that makes master of pulling the hydralic enbaled with pac technology help to work effortlessly in all the soils land this tractor lightweight pullding master in all type of soils land.

Mahindra 585 Di Tractor specification

  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor  launched by Mahindra groups of  company.
  • Mahindra company have launched first small tractors in india
  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor  extra benicifical for all landlording farmer who have small land
  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor 56 Liters fuel capacity and it also have 1600kg lifting capacity it have 2370 capacity and it engine rated 2100rpm it is good for big and small farmers
  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor have high on road speed  31.6 kpm
  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor single cylinder water cooled vertical engine so it help to not heat the tractor
  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor has 12 forword and 3 reverse gears its huladges capacity is 10.6 tonnes
  • mahindra 585 Di tractor has oil immersed brakes to perform easy in any kind of soils
  • Mahindra 585 Di Tractor  specially designed for use in crops, soyabeen, cotton, Maze, sugarcane and orchards like Grapes, Mango, oranges, and more for farmers purpose
HP 50
No of Cylinder 4
Rated, rpm 2100
Air Cleaner Cyclonic Pre-cleaner with oil bath and paper filter twin combination.
Cooling System Water Cooled
Transmission type Partial Constant Mesh Transmission.
No of Gears 8 forward and 2 reverse
Speed Forward 2.9 to 30.9
Speed Reverse 4.05 to 11.9
Main Clutch type Heavy Duty Diaphragm type – 280 mm
Lift capacity at hitch, kg 1600
Type CAT II inbuilt external check chain.
Service Break Dry Disk Breaks
Parking Break Head leaver excluded toggle link Locking Mechanism.
Steering Mechanical Re-Circulating ball and nut type.
Fuel Tank Capacity 56 lit
Wheelbase, mm 1970
Length 3380
Height 2165
Weight 2165
Front Tyre 6.00 x 16
Rear Tyre 14.9 x 28

Mahindra 585 Di Tractors Mileage

  • Mahindra 585 Di tractor is 50 Horse power tractor
  • Mahindra 585 di performace well in all farmer lank for cultivation roatvation ,to cleaning the land or to leveling the land
  • It provide better performance to farmer land during inter farming
  • Mahindra 585 Di has filled with single cyclinder water cooled vertical engine which generate 2730 power engine
  • The tractors has 2100 rpm to performance better in all land and maximum speed on road is about 31.6 kpmh with better mileage
  • Fuel capacity of the tractors is 56 litres and transmission oil capacity is 20 litres
  • The weight of the tractors is 1860 kgs and ground clearness of this tractors is 245mm
  • Mahindra 585 Di  has 1970 mm  wheel base and tyre type size of the rear and font is about 6.0 X 16 pr and 14.9 ×28 pr respectively
  • Mahindra 585 Di have lifiting capacity is 1600 kgs and also having 12v 50ah battery to performance well
  • The combination of this tractor is lightweight build Mahindra 585 DI  ideal tractor for doing pudding even in soft and sinking soils
  • When other heavier tractors will sink deeper and stuck in get soils but this tractors not sucks in any type of soils it performance well in all conditions of soils
  • Th light weight build result in less soils compaction uniformly leveled fields better quality of pudding in all types of soils

Application of Mahindra  585 Di tractors

Mahindra 585 Di tractors can perform better in many application those are many application which can applied in these tractor as below

  • Thresher
  • Water pump
  • Gyrovator
  • Cultivators
  • Sprayer
  • Haulage
  • Sowing
  • Reaper

Features of Mahindra  585 Di Tractor

Compact Design

  • Compact design for inter farming operation, which helps comfort during cultivation, rotavation and many other operations.

Adjustable Rear Track Width

  • Adjustable rear track width provides Comfort to the operator.
  • Automatic Depth and Draft Control hydraulics
  • High pressurised hydraulics provides precision hydraulics in Mahindra 585 Di tractor
  • Side Shift Gear
  • Side shift gear makes easy entry and exit from the tractor’s operator desk.

Adjustable Silencer

  • With the Adjustable Silencer of this tractor you can manage Silencer in orchard Farming. Tractor has two part detachable silencer.
  • Weight Adjustment Seat

    Mahindra 31hp Water Cooled Engine

  • Mahindra tractors introduces India’s first 25 hp water cooled engine which performs well and also fuel efficient.

      Mahindra  Tool Box

  • It has Tool box under the Battery box for easy and instant access.


Mahindra tractors is largest tractors manufacturing company in all over india Mahindra tractors is parts of Mahindra groups private limited Mahindra is highest selling tractors in india and all over world in term of selling units Mahindra and Mahindra groups private limited have he first tractor in 1997 it first is Mahindra B-275

Mahindra sell they tractors in india, china,North America ,and now Mahindra selling in Austrila, japan, America. Mahindra company is largest manufactures tractors in india Mahindra having capacity of manufacturing 2,00,000 units per year Mahindra also sold 85,000 to 90,000 units per years Mahindra tractors expand market in china to acquires market in jianging Mahindra groups also have it own brands like Swaraj ,Shaktiman, FARMPLUS, ITMCO-Mahindra, Jiangling, Feng-Shou and Lennar etc.

Plants of Mahindra groups private limited

Based in india Mahindra plants :

1. Jaipur ,rajasthan 2. Mumbai ,Maharastra 3. Mohali ,Punjab 4. Nagpur 5. Uttarakhand 6.Andhra Pradesh ,Telangana  7 Rajkot Gujarat  8. Vadodra Gujarat 9.Amreli Gujarat

Based in america Mahindra plants :

1.Chattanooga, Tennessee 2. Houston, Texas 3. Red Bluff, California 4. Bloomberg, Pennsylvania 5. Lyons, Kansas

Based in Australia  Mahindra plants :

1.Brisbane, Australia

Based in china Mahindra plants :

1.jianglings, china

Based in Africa Mahindra plants :

1.Chad 2. Gambia 3. Mali 4. Nigeria 5. Ghana 6. Benin 7. Somalia

Mahindra Tractor Models manufactures in India:

  • Yuvraj 215 NXT Tractor
  • JIVO 245 DI 4WD Tractor
  • 255 DI Power Plus Tractor
  • 265 DI Tractor
  • 245 DI ORCHARD Tractor
  • YUVO 265 DI Tractor
  • YUVO 275 DI Tractor
  • YUVO 415 DI Tractor
  • 265 POWER PLUS Tractor
  • 275 ECO Tractor
  • 275 DI TU Tractor
  • 295 DI Tractor
  • 415 DI Tractor
  • YUVO 475 DI Tractor
  • YUVO 575 DI Tractor
  • 475 DI Tractor
  • 575 DI Tractor
  • 585 DI Tractor
  • 595 DI Tractor
  • ARJUN 555 DI Tractor
  • ARJUN NOVO 605 DI MS Tractor
  • ARJUN NOVO 605 DI-I Tractor
  • ARJUN NOVO 605 DI-PS Tractor
  • 555 POWER PLUS Tractor
  • ARJUN NOVO 605 DI  I  4WD Tractor
  • ARJUN NOVO 605 DI I  2WD Tractor

Mahindra groups is also producing implements for their tractors for better productivity like Land Preparation, Sowing, Crop Care, Harvesting, Post Harvest and much more.

Mahindra Tractor is well know as brand in world and highest manufacturer.

The offical website of mahindra tractors :

Note:- The Prices for Tractors available in this our Article are not the exact mahindra tractor market price.To know the exact Price of this Tractosr visit the nearest showroom in your city or contact mahindra Tractors dealer

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