Candle Making Machine Price List (Suppliers & Manufacturers)

Candle Making Machine Price List (Suppliers & Manufacturers)

Candle making Business idea is Good And low Cost Business For Small Businessman and There is Lots of Scope of Different Type of Candle In This Market So We have Covered All Details About Candle Making Machine price,Suppliers,Machine Image And Much more

Different Type of candle Available In The Market Some people want His Favorite Character candle Children Want There Favorite Superhero Candle And Businessman wants Candle For His Brand name.

Candle Business

Candle Making Machine

Supplier : Shri Vaishno Enterprises

Machine NamePriceImageKey Features
SVERs 50,000/-Candle Making MachineCandle Sizes :- 10-15 inch
Material :- Mild Steel
Voltage :- 220-240 V
Power Source :- Electric
Phase :- Three Phase

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Supplier : Royal Paper Industries

Machine Name Price Image Key Features
Automatic Candle Making MachineRs 30,000/Automatic Candle Making MachineAutomatic Grade:Automatic
Candle Types :- Cylindrical
Material :- Stainless Steel
Voltage (V) :- 220
Power Source :- Electric
Semi Automatic Candle Making MachineRs 30,000 /Semi Automatic Candle Making MachineAutomatic Grade :- Semi-Automatic
Candle Sizes :- Standard
Candle Types :- Cylindrical
Power source :- Electrical

Candle Making Machine Price in Delhi

Supplier : Samarth Enterprises

Machine Name Price Image Key Features
Candle Making MachineRs 85,000 /Candle Making Machine by Samarth EnterprisesMinimum Order Quantity :- 1 Unit
Material :- Mild Steel
Production Capacity :- 700 pieces/hr
Weight (kg) :- 150
Operation Type :- Manual


Machine Name Price Image Key Features
Automatic Candle Making MachineRs 80,000 /Automatic Candle Making Machine by BHATI MACHINERY WORKSAutomatic Grade :- Automatic
Machine Material :- Steel
Capacity :- 1200-1800 pc/hr
Voltage :- 240 V
Phase Type :- Single Phase
Motor Power :- 1 hp
Wax Candle Making Machine Rs 80,000 / Wax Candle Making Machine by bhati machineryMachine Material :- Steel
Voltage :- 240 V
Capacity :- 800-1000 pc/hr
Phase Type :- Single Phase

Supplier : Jogi Engineering Industries

Machine Name Price Image Key Features
Automatic Candle MachinesRs 50,000 /Jogi Engineering Industries Candle machineAutomation Grade :- Automatic
Material :- MS
Voltage :- 220-240 V
Power :- Single Phase
Power Consumption :- 1 HP
Tea Light Candle MachinesRs 75,000 /Tea Light Candle Machines Production Capacity :- 100/ stroke
Candle Sizes :- 35mm/ 37mm/ 40mm
Candle Types :- Plain
Weight :- 200Kgs
Automatic Grade :- Semi-Automatic
Time To Taken Operation :- 10-15 mins
Wax Candle MachinesRs 48,000 /Wax Candle MachinesMaterial :- MS
Candle Sizes :- 10-15 Inch
Power :- Eletric
Voltage :- 220-240 V

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